The Digital Twin Innovation Hub

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Digital Twin


The Digital Twin Innovation Hub exists to develop a digital twin infrastructure to further our understanding of systemic immune-related etiologies and pathologies and utilize the infrastructure to transform life sciences education.

Combining mechanistic modeling and artifical intelligence for fully comprehensive technology.

Develop a Digital Twin of the Human Immune System

We are developing infrastructure for the construction, simulation, analysis, and visualization of a human immune system model that represents the majority of immune cell types. The multi-scale computational model integrates mechanistic molecular and cellular-level models with population whole-body models, utilizing machine learning and distributed computing solutions to solve inter- and cross-scale simulations of communication flow. We aim to create real-time, personalizable, and predictive technology.

Characterize Systemic Homeostasis for the Human Immune System

We are investigating and characterizing multi-scale regulatory mechanisms across and within healthy patient subpopulations to identify systemic profiles that correlate with current clinical standards. To achieve this, we are performing and analyzing large-scale simulations of immunological data from healthy patients under normal conditions, measuring molecular networks in each cell until the system reaches a stable state.

Catalyze Transformational Change in Life Sciences Education

We have partnered with the Undergraduate Immunology Education Task Force to transform immunology education by designing state-of-the-art modeling and simulation lessons that utilize the digital twin infrastructure to deliver core concepts newly aligned to Vision and Change.

Visualize the Digital Twin Infrastructure

We are partnered with leading artists and digital media experts to develop state-of-the-art visualizations representing the digital twin infrastructure. Our visualizations showcase the intricacies of the immune system in a format that is accessible and informative to multidisciplinary audiences.

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Our Technology

Cell Collective supports modeling of large-scale biological systems using mathematics to represent various biological scales, advanced real-time simulation capabilities, and advanced analytics. The Digital Twin Innovation Hub is leveraging a novel multi-scale and multi-approach framework to further develop Cell Collective into Digital Twin technology.