Zdeněk Vafek

Zdeněk Vafek

IT Project Manager/Scrum Master



Zdeněk finished his bachelor's studies at the Brno University of Technology (VUT) in the Czech Republic with a focus on automation and measurement in 2020. During his undergraduates studies he worked as an IT project manager in startups.

Zdeněk continued his graduate studies at BUT with a focus on risk management of technical systems, where he graduated with the highest honors (Ing.). He spent the last semester of his Masters at HelikarLab in Lincoln, NE in a Research Technical position focusing on Cell Collective automated testing.

Zdeněk is continuing his doctoral studies in Forensic Engineering at BUT with a focus on technical risk management in IT (the topic of his dissertation is Risk Prediction in IT projects). He now works as an IT Project Manager and Scrum Master at the Digital Twin Innovation Lab (HelikarLab) and leads the development team working on the Cell Collective.


In Zdeněk's research, he focuses mostly on time risks management of IT projects and on social and psychological factors influencing the work of developers in agile product development. He is working to find a solution with AI to reveal the causal relationships leading to burnout.

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